LinboxTM Unveils Revolutionary Linux Network Computer: The LinboxTM NetStation

In a groundbreaking move, LinboxTM Inc., a European leader in Linux Network Computing, has announced the release of the world's first 300% compatible Linux Network Computer: the LinboxTM NetStation. This innovative solution, which promises 75% cost savings and seamless operation, is set to redefine the landscape of corporate workgroup computer networks.

The LinboxTM NetStation, developed in collaboration with Locabureau, Free & Alter Soft, and the French Speaking Linux Association (AFUL), is a game-changer in network computing. It operates on a novel approach based on Linux, ensuring compatibility with various operating systems like Windows, Linux, MacOS, and more.

Unlike traditional client-server solutions, the LinboxTM NetStation does not require any hard disk or software maintenance. It loads its operating system and environment from a standard Unix-like server such as the LinboxTM Net Server. This design eliminates the need for complex protections against vibrations in workshops and allows anyone to install it in under 5 minutes on a network managed by the LinboxTM Net Server.

The versatile LinboxTM NetStation can be used for productivity applications with StarOffice, Internet browsing with Netscape Communicator, educational content with Windows or MacOS CD-ROMs, development with GNU tools and KDevelop, or 3D design with Blender. Its low operation cost, high reliability, and wide compatibility with legacy applications make it an ideal client solution for small businesses, industrial workshops, and schools.

LinboxTM, the inventor of LNA technology, is at the forefront of Linux Network Computer design in Europe. Their standard hardware component-based products bring 300% compatibility and 75% cost savings to corporate workgroup computer networks. LinboxTM branded products are available for purchase online at the LinboxTM Store.

AFUL, a French association promoting and protecting the use of Linux, Free Software, and Open Standards, played a significant role in the development of the LinboxTM NetStation. Free & Alter Software, a LinboxTM licensed distributor, enables LinboxTM Net Stations to boot Linux through an Ethernet Network Card and provides high-quality services for professionals using Free Software on Unix-like environments.

Locabureau, another LinboxTM licensed distributor, offers LinboxTM NetStations and NetServers and manufactures its own Linux-based firewall while providing maintenance support for information systems.

Linux, a registered trademark of Linus Torvalds, is at the heart of this revolutionary technology. The LinboxTM NetStation marks a significant step forward in the integration of open-source solutions into mainstream business environments.