Cobalt Networks and INTERSHOP Communications Announce Partnership for Linux-Based E-commerce Solution

Cobalt Networks, Inc., a leading developer of server appliances, and INTERSHOP Communications, Inc., the world's leading provider of sell-side electronic commerce software, have announced a joint partnership to offer Intershop RaQ, the first Intershop e-commerce appliance on the Linux operating system. Out of the box, Intershop RaQ will enable Service Providers to offer a robust and aggressively priced solution for dedicated e-commerce hosting that eliminates complex configuration tasks and reduces server set-up time to a few minutes. The Cobalt RaQ 3 server appliance and Intershop Merchant on Linux Red Hat 6.0 are used as Internet and Web hosting server appliances at businesses, Internet Service Providers, and educational institutions. Pre-configured with the Linux operating system, Apache Web server, Sendmail, and Front Page server extensions, Cobalt RaQ server appliances provide the core web publishing, email, and file transfer services, upon which Service Providers and developers can build their solutions. ISPs can dedicate individual Cobalt RaQ server appliances to individual clients, providing greater flexibility and control of value-added services such as electronic commerce.