4Front Technologies Announces Winners of XMMS Plugin Competition

4Front Technologies and X MultiMedia System team have announced the results of the XMMS plugin competition.

The winners are Mr. Kristoffer Brånemyr, Mr. Christopher Wilson, and Mr. Tim Ferguson. All the plugins are available for download at http://www.xmms.org/plugins.html. 4Front Technologies is a privately held company with development facilities in California, Finland, and Sweden. They focus on developing audio solutions for the UNIX and embedded systems marketplace. Open Sound System has become the de-facto audio API that is now distributed with Linux and FreeBSD kernel sources and licensed by companies like SCO, Wind River Systems, and endorsed by SUN Microsystems. X MultiMedia System (XMMS) project is developed under the GNU Public License (GPL) and is sponsored by 4Front Technologies. It is a cross-platform multimedia player that supports MP3, Wave, CD, MOD, MIDI, and other digital audio and video formats. It also provides MP3 streaming playback support over the Internet and provides visual graphics synchronized to sound output. It also provides complete control over GUI layout and design.