XMMS v1.0.0 Released: Improved Playlist, Input, Output, GUI, and Plugin API

4Front Technologies and the X MultiMedia System team have released version 1.0.0 of XMMS, a popular multimedia application for Linux that supports playing various audio formats such as .wav, .mod, .mid, and .mp3 (MP3 Audio).

The new features in this release include improvements to the playlist, input, output, GUI, miscellaneous functionality, and plugin API. XMMS is released under the GNU Public License and has been widely praised for its performance and user-friendly interface. 4Front Technologies is a privately held company that focuses on developing audio solutions for the UNIX and embedded systems marketplace. The Open Sound System project, which is sponsored by 4Front Technologies, provides a cross-platform audio API with device drivers for over 250 brand name sound cards from vendors like Creative Labs, Yamaha, Crystal Semiconductor Aureal, ESS Technologies, and others. More information on XMMS and Open Sound System can be found at http://www.xmms.org and http://www.opensound.com.