Compaq Partners with Linuxcare for End-to-End Support for Compaq Solution Alliance

Compaq has partnered with Linuxcare to provide end-to-end support and professional services for Compaq Solution Alliance (CSA) partners worldwide.

The CSA program supports application developers who are building software for Compaq, Intel and Alpha platforms. As part of the agreement, Compaq has named Linuxcare a Preferred Partner in its CSA program. Linuxcare will supply CSA partners with backline technical and engineering support, on-site porting assistance at Compaq's porting centers, Web-based technical assistance to ISVs porting to the Linux operating system, and help them develop Linux-specific versions of their training programs. Through Linuxcare University, Linuxcare and Compaq will prepare IT professionals for industry-standard job skills certification exams at the Linux Professional Institute. The partnership is expected to provide customers with breakthrough Linux support, professional services and courseware that only an innovative services vendor like Linuxcare is able to provide.