Linuxcare and VMware Announce Partnership to Share Technical and Marketing Expertise

Linuxcare and VMware have announced a partnership to share their technical and marketing expertise. This partnership brings together two of the most forward-looking companies in the Linux arena, enabling Linuxcare and VMware to combine in-depth technical knowledge that will benefit customers who want to run WindowsR software or other applications on their Linux systems. The partnership also enables Linuxcare to provide application support to its customers running VMware on their desktops.

This highlights Linuxcare's continued commitment to providing the most in-depth technical support in the Linux space. In addition, Linuxcare uses VMware daily to allow its employees to run applications that have not yet been ported to Linux. The company also utilizes the technology to create virtual workstations running a variety of Linux systems for diagnostic and testing approaches. VMware technology also affords Linux users a variety of useful capabilities: the ability to develop and test applications concurrently for multiple target environments, the ability to add new operating systems without disk repartitioning, the ability to network virtual environments and share files and devices, the ability to undo any changes made in a user session, and the ability to run new or untested operating systems or applications in a secure sandbox without risking the stability of critical data or applications. The partnership is expected to generate a powerful tool for enterprise customers interested in deploying Linux in heterogeneous computer environments.