LinuxTelephony Exchange at LinuxFest 2000

LinuxTelephony, a leading Linux Computer Telephony site, will be among the sponsors of the LinuxFest 2000 trade show in Overland Park, Kansas.

The LinuxFest trade show will feature over 60,000 square feet of trade show display space and a four-day seminar track. LinuxTelephony plans to bring together companies and groups in a single area to expand awareness of the efforts and advancements being made in Telephony on Linux. This area of the LinuxFest trade show will be known as the LinuxTelephony Exchange. The event will demonstrate the power of Linux and Open Source Software for IT and business owners across the US, specifically the heartland of America. Major companies such as IBM, Compaq, Informix, and Oracle are supporting Linux with their hardware and software. Most people are exposed to Linux on a daily basis without realizing it since Linux servers run much of the web and e-mail systems on the Internet. Established major Linux companies will be represented, plus many startup cutting edge companies will also be in attendance. For more information about LinuxTelephony or participating in the LinuxTelephony Exchange, contact Gregory S. Youngblood at or For more information about LinuxFest 2000, contact Greg Palmer at or [785.213.1349](ntouch://call/785.213.1349