Launches Linux Help Directories for Technical Support and Productivity has unveiled directories of technical support and productivity information for 20 distributions of the Linux operating system and some of the most popular Linux applications. The free directories will include help for Linux Web browsers, graphical desktop environments and Linux utilities and add-ons.

Each one of the 20 directories contains the Internet's best resources on everything from searchable knowledge bases and FAQs, to upgrade information and bug reports, to training and tutorials. The Linux directories serve as a centralized starting point for anyone seeking help or productivity resources on Linux drawn from the very best support Web sites. With, Internet users can create their own customized helpdesk where each individual's computer configuration and level of expertise remains stored. As questions and problems arise, recommends only the specific, relevant products and services that are needed to assist the user, thus saving valuable time and effort.'s free service simplifies the computer user's experience, closing the gap between the best support resources and the computer users' most common computing help and productivity needs.