VA Linux Systems Releases Source Code for SourceForge, a Major Open Source Initiative

VA Linux Systems has released the source code for SourceForge, a major open source initiative that hosts over 950 open source projects with extensive hosting and communication resources. The public release of the SourceForge source code exemplifies VA Linux Systems' commitment to practicing the Open Source philosophy it preaches, and will catalyze the continuing evolution of the site by enabling the growing SourceForge developer community to participate directly in its development. Since its official introduction on January 4, 2000, traffic on SourceForge has grown at a rate of 50% per week, with the registration of an additional 2,400 developers and 250 open source development projects.

The site hosts over 950 open source projects with over 5,400 developers from over 80 countries. SourceForge services include web server space, version control tools, communication services and other Web-based tools for open source developers, designed to provide comprehensive security and ease of use. VA Linux Systems' own open source development projects, such as VACM(TM), the VA Cluster Manager, use the SourceForge environment. Other major open source projects on SourceForge include Topaz, a project to create the next generation of the popular Perl programming language, and The Berlin Project, a next-generation graphical system for Linux and UNIX(R). In addition, the most exciting open source 3D graphics development projects -- such as the 3dfx(TM) Glide drivers for Linux, the Direct Rendering Infrastructure (DRI) Project, and the Crystal Space(TM) 3D engine -- are hosted on SourceForge. SourceForge hosts popular games for Linux as well, including the Quake source repository and Linux tools for Epic Games' "Unreal Tournament. ", VA Linux Systems is headquartered in Sunnyvale, Calif., and is located on the web at