Celebrates 4th Birthday with Release of LinuxForKids Collection, Volume 1 CD-Rom

On February 1st, 2000, will be 4 months old! To celebrate this anniversary, we are glad to announce the release of the LinuxForKids Collection, Volume 1, CD-Rom.

This CD features all the titles listed so far on, plus all the necessary libraries to compile and run them. In all over 50 different software packages and 20 libraries. Over 100 Mb of data available instantly, no more waiting for your download to go through, and you won't have to spend hours on the internet looking for the right libraries. We are glad to provide this as a service to the Linux community and the parents who want to provide their children with some alternative to the regular games found in most stores.

All the titles are developed by independent programmers who write software on their spare time and contribute to the Open Source movement. This CD will be available starting February 3rd, 2000. You can purchase it directly from our web site:

All the profits from this sale will go towards the maintenance of the web site, and the creation of more children titles. Requirements: A Linux (or BSD) distribution already installed, along with the development packages and libraries. (gcc/egcs and the header files).

From 10 Mb to 200 Mb of free hard drive space depending on the number of titles you want to install. About LinuxForKids: LinuxForKids ( is the first web site dedicated exclusively to providing parents and teachers with information about existing software for children running on Linux and other Open Source Operating System. We strongly believe that GNU/Linux will soon become a viable platform for children to further their education with, and will do our best to work towards this goal, along with a number of other existing Open Source projects. Contact: LinuxForKids Chris Ellec, LinuxForKids editor: Sales: Technical support: Linux is a registered trademark of Linus Torvalds Copyright 1999, 2000