NETsilicon Introduces Comprehensive Embedded Network Connectivity System Using Linux

NETsilicon, Inc., a leading provider of ARM-powered, system-on-silicon connectivity solutions, has announced the introduction of NET+Lx, a comprehensive embedded network connectivity system using the Linux operating system. The solution combines the NET+Works embedded networking solution, the reliability and open source benefits of Linux, and the tools and support needed to make Linux a production-ready platform for networked products. With NET+Lx, manufacturers can rapidly add connectivity into a wide variety of product designs. The system runs on the NET+ARM system-on-silicon chip which contains all the hardware and software necessary for manufacturers to build net-connected products. It includes 10/100BaseT Ethernet, Internet protocols, Web, mail and file transfer servers, a Web browser, and a host of drivers, interfaces and utilities – all running on a high performance 40 MIPs ARM-based processor. The Linux-based applications allow the customer to bring a wide range of Internet-connected products to market quickly. NETsilicon's Linux development partner, WireSpeed Communications Corporation, has ported the embedded Linux OS kernel, m Clinux, to the NET+ARM hardware platform. The company will begin shipping NET+Lx with an accompanying development toolset in Q2 2000.