Kansas Linux Community Offers Free Software at Microsoft Event

On February 17th, members of the Kansas Unix & Linux Users Association (KULUA) will be giving away copies of the Linux operating system outside of Bartle Hall in downtown Kansas City during the Microsoft Windows2000 launch event.

KULUA will be giving away free software and handouts starting at 5:00pm CST. Linux is a free alternative to Windows that is rapidly gaining in popularity, with some 8 million users worldwide and a server market of 750,000 installations. While Microsoft is giving away free T-shirts in order to lure users into a sales pitch for their $300+ "Windows 2000", the Linux community is promoting their free alternative to Windows. KULUA will be handing out free copies of Linux to those attending the Microsoft event. Members of KULUA are available for interviews before February 17th, and encourage any live coverage reports of the event to visit them and interview KULUA members handing out free software.