Network Concierge Announces V2 Beta Release of Server Appliance Software

Network Concierge has announced the release of V2 Beta of its industry leading server appliance software. The software CD is now available for ordering directly from the company website and includes a free ($10 S&H) evaluation copy. Customers can also purchase a copy with a perpetual license for $49, which will include a free upgrade to the final V2 software.

After a 90-day beta period, the final (V2) software will be priced at $99. The new features in V2 include Linux kernel 2.2.14 using the Linux-Mandrake (Red Hat compatible) distribution, a VPN server using IPsec and 3des encryption and transparent IPv6 support. The software also includes improved performance, network support for use of standard phone lines and gigabit ethernet, WINS support, Windows 2000 and Frontpage 2000 support, multiple internet domain support, web aliasing, transparent proxy web caching, advanced email server, etc. Network Concierge software converts a standard PC into an easy to use network-ready gateway/server.

Installing or upgrading the software takes less time and is similar to installing Windows on a standard PC, while network configuration is performed with a Setup Wizard using a standard browser. The software supports dual network configurations and offers the most comprehensive set of features/functions in the industry, which can be enabled as required by the customer. In the Small Business configuration, the appliance platform running Network Concierge software can connect an unlimited number of IP-enabled clients to the Internet via analog/ISDN/Cable/DSL modem or NIC connection. Built-in DHCP, DNS and NAT services automatically create an instant client-server network or network segment without having to install software on the clients. When used in the Work Group configuration, the network appliance platform becomes a network-ready server that you simply plug into a pre-existing network. In either configuration, the software comes with an e-mail server, print/file server, web server and web-caching engine to provide all server functions required by a small network. Additional features supported include an automatic firewall, UPS, SMP, etc. Comparable features to the Network Concierge can only be found in very expensive and complex multi-vendor client-server solutions made up of network equipment stacks and/or general-purpose servers that demand highly skilled and/or dedicated technical support personnel.