Progressive Systems' Phoenix Adaptive Firewall Certified 'LinuxReady'

Progressive Systems, Inc., a leading provider of Linux-based network security solutions, and Linuxcare, Inc., the industry's premiere testing and certification authority for Linux, announced that Progressive's Phoenix Adaptive Firewall appliance based on the Cobalt RaQ2 was network security audited and certified 'LinuxReady' by Linuxcare Labs. The certification assures customers that the version of Linux utilized by the appliance, and the Phoenix Adaptive Firewall application itself, will standup to real-world network security demands. Linuxcare Labs is the first independent testing authority to inaugurate a comprehensive program for certifying hardware and software for use with the Linux operating system. The Phoenix firewall appliance is the first Linux-based firewall to pass their stringent certification process. It uses a 64 bit, 250mhz RISC processor to reach performance levels above T-3 (45mbps) speeds and features network address translation (NAT), support for IP, TCP, UDP, ICMP, GRE and IPSEC, a dual Ethernet interface, console interface, an integrated LCD front panel for set-up and administration without the need for a monitor, keyboard, or mouse. The Phoenix Adaptive Firewall is available directly from Progressive Systems or its worldwide network of resellers as either an appliance on the Cobalt RaQ 2 and Qube platforms or as software for most commercial Linux distributions.