Linuxcare Opens Third European Office in Hamburg, Germany

Linuxcare, Inc., a leader in providing comprehensive services for Linux, has announced the opening of its third European office in Hamburg, Germany. The new office will focus on delivering Linuxcare's services and support expertise to independent software vendors (ISVs), application vendors, dot-coms and the region's largest companies deploying Linux or other open-source software. Linux is expected to become a viable alternative in Europe to current operating systems in many user environments, according to International Data Corporation analysts. Linuxcare will localize its service offerings for German and other European clients, providing complete, vendor-independent Linux solutions to jump-start customers' e-business initiatives. The company currently supports nine hardware platforms and 21 different Linux distributions including SuSE, central Europe's most popular distribution, as well as Red Hat, TurboLinux and others. Linuxcare has established high-level, strategic partnerships and customer relationships with companies such as Sun, Oracle, Dell, IBM and will continue to leverage these relationships within the region.

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