MontaVista's Hard Hat Linux powers Kerbango's Internet radio

MontaVista Software Inc., developer of the Hard HatTM Linux operating system for embedded computers, announced that Hard Hat Linux is the software engine for Kerbango's Internet radio.

The Internet radio allows users to access Web-based streaming audio without a PC. MontaVista debuted its Hard Hat Linux distribution last year for CompactPCI platforms and the version deployed by Kerbango extends the features in earlier releases to include custom embedded hardware support, small memory footprint, flash file system support, and integration of streaming media. The Internet radio is an example of a post-PC device with 'Linux Inside'. Linux is becoming a platform of choice for designers of embedded computers due to its open-source nature, ability to run on a wide variety of microprocessors, device drivers, and bus architectures, and small size that can be compressed and tweaked to suit the needs of embedded applications. MontaVista partners with Force Computers Inc., Motorola Computer Group, Ziatech Corp., and WinSystems Inc. Hard Hat Linux runs on their CompactPCI and single-board computer platforms.