Linuxcare Expands Its Services with Four New Data Centers

Linuxcare, Inc., a recognized leader in providing comprehensive services for Linux, has announced the addition of four live data centers in New York, San Jose, London and Hong Kong to its Global Support Infrastructure. The new data centers will house Linuxcare's unrivaled knowledgeable database of tens of thousands of Linux-related inquiries and resolutions, enabling the company to quickly resolve and re-mediate Linux bugs, problems and issues for its customer base. The infrastructure also enables long-distance collaboration among Linux experts worldwide, providing support to customers anytime, anywhere in the world. The Linuxcare Global Support Infrastructure is designed for speed and reliability, with each node on the network having several fully redundant traces for knowledgebase access and multiple 100Mbps connections to the Internet. The company also announced its new Custom Solution Service, which helps customers and partners optimize Linux for a specific hardware platform or software solution.