Tuxtops Launches Linux-Powered Laptops for Pre-Order

Tuxtops, Inc. has announced the launch of three models of laptops powered by the Linux operating system. These laptops are available for pre-order immediately and are expected to ship on Monday, February 14th. The company's mission is to make Linux the premier operating system for laptop users, distributors, and manufacturers.

All models come with Red Hat Linux 6.1 pre-installed and configured. Tuxtops Laptops have solved the challenges of configuring laptops for end users, such as incomplete device driver support and unique challenges in areas such as power management, X configuration, sound support, and a variety of other areas. Three configurations are available now: Premium, Standard, and Value. The Premium model is a feature-rich laptop that makes an ideal desktop replacement, the Standard model is the latest hardware and software in an affordable package, and the Value model is an economical and high-quality laptop. All models are currently undergoing certification by Linuxcare, the premiere Linux support company. For more information on Tuxtops' products and company, please visit their web page at http://www.tuxtops.com