Linux Tape Device Certification Program Receives Industry Recognition at LinuxWorld Expo

Enhanced Software Technologies (EST) received compatibility certificates for Linux tape devices from several leading computer industry tape drive manufacturers at LinuxWorld Expo in New York. The certification program, developed and maintained by EST, tests and certifies tape drive manufacturer's devices under the Linux operating system. The new website lists Linux-compatible tape devices by manufacturer and model. Linus Torvalds and Linux International support the program. Companies with Linux Certified Tape Devices include Benchmark Tape Systems Corporation, Ecrix Corporation, Exabyte Corporation, Hewlett-Packard Company, OnStream, Inc., Tandberg Data ASA, and Tecmar Technologies, Inc. The certification process includes driver development and on-going program support, a Linux Compatible for Backup Logo, and an online certification site. EST is known for product excellence and outstanding customer support and has been continuously developing BRU for the Unix market since 1985 and for Linux systems since 1994.