Linuxcare to Provide Back-line Technical Support Services, Education, and Hardware Certification

Linuxcare has signed a contract with Hewlett-Packard Company to become a key provider of back-line technical support on Linux issues for HP customers worldwide. Another recent contract signed with HP calls for Linuxcare Labs to certify HP Brio and HP Vectra business desktop PCs and HP Kayak PC Workstations running the SuSE, TurboLinux and Red Hat versions of Linux. Under the agreement today, HP's key Linux software service engineers will have 24x7 access to Linuxcare's Linux professionals, who can assist them in tracking both documented and undocumented fixes to customers' software problems. HP will also have the ability to refer more difficult issues at the software code level to Linuxcare experts for resolution as needed. Linuxcare will offer formal training courses to HP's support organization, and provide HP with quarterly reports on Linux distributions and news.