SuSE Linux AG, MandrakeSoft and Linbox Inc. Join Forces to Develop Linux Network Computing

SuSE Linux AG, MandrakeSoft and Linbox Inc. are joining forces to develop Linux Network Computing and bring it to the broadest audience. The Linbox Network Architecture is an open approach to Linux Network Computing based on diskless standard computers on the desktop side and full-featured servers. All SuSE Linux and MandrakeSoft users will soon be able to set up efficient diskless Network Computing solutions based on Linux. The Linbox Network Architecture allows users to bring the power of Linux to the desktop at minimal costs while still preserving the user's investments in Windows or MacOS software. Diskless Linbox Net Stations can be set up in a matter of minutes by users with no previous skills in the Linux environment and require no maintenance. Under the joint partnership, SuSE Linux AG, MandrakeSoft and Linbox will form an open project which will publish the specifications of the Linbox Network Architecture and the required software under open source licensing. Development will be held by the Linbox R&D center in the Lorraine region, France's pioneering region for Linux and Free Software. All Linux users and businesses are welcome to join the LNA open project.