IBM Offers Speech Recognition Tools for Linux

IBM is the first and only company to offer speech recognition tools and technologies to the Linux operating environment. The IBM ViaVoice Software Developers Kit (SDK) and Run Time Kits for Linux are the first in a series of planned Linux solutions from IBM that will make it easier for developers to incorporate speech recognition technology into their next generation of applications. By providing ViaVoice to the Linux community, developers will have the tools to create next generation conversational user interfaces based on open standards, significantly improving human interaction with networked computing devices and e-business applications. IBM's support of the speech-enabled Linux applications underscores the company's commitment to support Linux with a broad range of hardware, software and service solutions.

IBM currently offers speech recognition technology for the Linux operating system for Red Hat, SUSE and Caldera when available. The ViaVoice SDK is free to customers and available for download today. The ViaVoice Run Time is free to personal and educational users. Pricing is based volume commitment, and competitive with our other supported Operating Systems. IBM's ViaVoice technology is available today through download at then click on Linux.