EBIZ Enterprises Inc. Launches New Line of Dual Boot Workstations Based on Corel LINUX OS and Microsoft Windows 98

EBIZ Enterprises Inc., a leading source for Linux products, technical support and community services, announced today its new line of dual boot workstations based on the Corel LINUX OS and Microsoft Windows 98.

The workstations, starting at $799, are pre-installed with both WordPerfect Office 2000 Suite for Linux OEM version and WordPerfect Office 2000 Suite for Windows OEM version. When turned on, the new dual boot systems initially start in Corel LINUX OS, with a menu-driven option to work in either the Corel LINUX OS or Microsoft Windows 98 operating system. This new line of workstations opens the marketplace for Linux in the corporate workspace and provides organizations that are in the process of transitioning and/or evaluating the Linux operating system with a single workstation solution. The partnership between EBIZ Enterprises and Corel allows TheLinuxStore.com to bring a turn-key solution to the corporate environment for both operating systems, making the transition easy for users moving between the Windows and Linux platforms. Corel's operating system makes the transition simple, while the introduction of Corel WordPerfect Office 2000 Suite redefines office productivity in Linux.

Files are not only exchangeable between the two operating systems on the same computer, but can also be opened from other mainstream office applications, including Microsoft Office. TheLinuxStore.com is the leading source in the Linux market, providing a complete line of Linux-based product solutions, community resources, services, and technical support. LinuxWired.net is a full service community portal that includes news, content, message boards, collaborative developer workspace, and free services such as e-mail forwarding, home page-redirect, and a job posting service. TheLinuxLab.com is an interactive destination that provides technical support to Linux users with over 1800 registered Linux experts available 24 hours a day.