Red Hat Announces Complete Family of Open Source Solutions for E-commerce Servers and Embedded Devices

Red Hat, Inc., a leading provider of open source solutions for Internet infrastructure, has announced its complete family of operating systems (OS) for today's e-commerce servers and the growing number of embedded, Internet-enabled devices. The combination of Red Hat Linux 6.2 and Red Hat eCos (embedded configurable operating system) 1.3 makes Red Hat the only company to provide a powerful continuum of reliable open source OSes and supporting development tools and services that span the broad spectrum of Internet computing from servers to portable devices. The new offering includes Red Hat Linux 6.2, Professional Edition, which provides the complete software infrastructure needed for enterprise organizations to quickly, easily and reliably deploy powerful e-commerce Web servers, as well as Red Hat eCos 1.3, a configurable operating system that sets the new standard in efficiency and utility in post-PC development. Red Hat has partnered with industry leaders to provide its customers with the best solutions for Internet computing. The company's products and services are backed by partnerships with many of the world's computing leaders, like Compaq, Computer Associates, Dell, HP, IBM and Intel.