Linsight Launches LinDeveloper: A Comprehensive Resource for Linux Development

Linsight, a leading provider of information to the Linux community, announced today the launch of LinDeveloper (, a content-rich Web site that tracks activities related to Linux development.

Specifically, LinDeveloper will provide the most comprehensive information on the technologies that assist software developers in designing applications that run under Linux. As a member of the Linsight network, LinDeveloper joins LinEvents (, LinTraining (, Linsider (, and the Linsight Homepage ( The creators of Linsight are firm believers in the free exchange of information, and are acting accordingly. As with all other sites within the Linsight network, all content on LinDeveloper is available under the terms of the OpenContent License. Linsight has opened its database of news and information for the world to use, allowing webmasters to include rich and fresh content in their Web sites, without forcing their readers to round-trip through various sites to get the content they need. In order to assist webmasters in syndicating the content, Linsight has created an backend XML, RDF/RSS, and preformatted HTML files ( that contain the latest headlines posted. LinDeveloper is the most ambitious undertaking Linsight has ever done, and it's expected to be their most popular site ever. It aims to lend further support to the Linux juggernaut by targeting serious software professionals.