Open Source Pioneers Team up to Advance Scalability of Open Source Solutions

Lutris Technologies Inc., and TurboLinux Inc., have announced a joint effort to certify and distribute the Enhydra Java/XML application server for the TurboLinux operating system. The partnership creates a scalable Open Source foundation for enterprise e-business application development and deployment. TurboLinux is the fastest growing Open Source operating system, and Enhydra is the leading Open Source Java/XML application server. Together, these technologies enable users to rapidly build and deploy scalable e-business applications. The two companies will work together to promote the Open Source e-business platform, with Enhydra distributed on the TurboLinux companion CD and listed in the TurboLinux Application Directory as a premier development environment. Lutris will provide support, training and professional services for Enhydra applications running on TurboLinux.