Coollogic Announces New Embedded Linux Operating System

Coollogic, Inc. announced it will begin shipping its new embedded Coollinux operating system, which reduces kernel size to meet memory footprint and functionality requirements of embedded systems. Coollinux is a real-time Linux operating system that can be pared down to less than 355 kilobytes, making it ideal for small, memory-lean devices like Internet access devices.

It provides an end-to-end solution for manufacturers of consumer electronics and other Internet access devices. Coollinux features a real-time embedded Linux kernel, Cool-X user interface, Flash update utilities, consumer electronics windows interface, power management, and Netscape Navigator 4.7. As part of its commitment to the open source environment of Linux, Coollogic has sponsored the site. The company provides OEM-level customer support with its knowledgeable staff. Coollogic, Inc. is a developer of innovative Internet appliances powered by embedded Linux software.