Coollogic Launches Free Community Development Site for Real-Time Linux Kernel

Coollogic Inc., a leader in embedded Linux software and Internet appliances, announced today the launch of, a free community development site for embedded, real-time Linux downloads. The new vendor-neutral site, which will offer the latest Coollogic version of the real time (RT) Linux kernel, was developed and is sponsored by the company in order to support the foundation of open source software. The RT kernel is available for free and immediate download. Coollogic is dedicated to promoting open development of the real time Linux kernel because it benefits other companies operating in the post-PC market. Because the RT kernel is free and immediately accessible, Internet appliance manufacturers can reduce their time to market and development expenses.

Additionally, promotes the GNU Public License for all source code developed at the site. The free real time Linux kernel is a high-performance, hard real time alternative to proprietary operating systems. Examples and documentation of the Linux kernel and real time extensions enable a faster learning curve and a greater opportunity to benefit from the experience of other developers.

Coollogic, its customers and other Internet appliance and Linux software developers will benefit from the new website because it leverages open source technology into non-X86 platforms and ports. Software developers are encouraged to contribute to the embedded, real time kernel. Content for the website will consist of the real-time kernel source code, documentation, mailing lists and links to similar, helpful Linux websites. Coollogic encourages those interested in the operating system to become contributors to the site, in order to maximize usage of the RT kernel and acceptance of embedded Linux operating systems.

Other content to be developed for the site include directories of compatible hardware and software, online bug tracking and online version control. Coollogic is sponsoring the web site, and will manage and contribute to the content of About Coollogic Inc. Coollogic Inc. is a developer of innovative Internet appliances powered by embedded Linux software. The CoollinuxTM embedded software solutions offer Original Equipment Manufacturers stable, flexible and cost effective operating systems and applications, which enable them to provide their customers with simple and affordable Internet access in the post-PC era. The Coollogic Internet ReadyTM solution combines the CoollinuxTM software, e-PilotTM hardware and a wide range of applications and services delivered in a business-to-business model. These solutions provide Vertical Market Integrators and Service Providers a turnkey package of powerful software, reliable hardware and custom portals. The company was founded in April 1997 in Dallas, Texas. For more information, see