Linux Stock News: Week in Review, Rants and Raves, Linux and WAP, and Linux Telephony (Part One)

The latest feature stories from Linux Stock News include a week in review, rants and raves, Linux and WAP, and Linux telephony (part one). The market correction on NASDAQ has opened the door for bargain buying on previously high-flying stocks, including several Linux issues. This week's coverage includes the beginning of the end for Microsoft, Schoolhouse Linux, Bluepoint's Chinese push, Linus Torvalds on-line Q&A, and much more. The rants and raves section covers the impact of the market correction on large-cap Linux companies and the selling pressure that can drag a stock down as lock-up periods end. The Linux and WAP section discusses the key to bringing the Internet to wireless devices through Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) and the third generation (3G) of digital wireless format. The Linux telephony (part one) section covers the burgeoning Internet and Computer Telephony market and the carrier-grade stability and reliability that Linux can offer.