VistaSource Inc.: A New Wholly-Owned Subsidiary Focusing on Linux Applications

Applix, Inc. has announced the separation of its Linux group into VistaSource, Inc., a new wholly-owned subsidiary that will focus on becoming the world's leading provider of Linux-based applications and technologies. The new subsidiary will have a $6 million investment from its parent company and will be led by an experienced team of executives with a proven track record in Linux technology. VistaSource will operate under a blended licensing model called 'Source Access', which is different from Open Source in that it offers a number of source licensing options while still being commercial software. The company's primary product, Applixware Office for Linux, includes Words, Graphics and Presents, Spreadsheets, Mail, and Data, and will be sold at an MSRP of U.S. $99. Two lower-cost entry products, Words for Linux and Spreadsheets for Linux, will also be available.