LinuxFest2000: A Showcase of Open Source Software Power

LinuxFest 2000 is a four-day event scheduled for June 20 through 23, 2000 in Kansas City, Missouri.

The event will feature seminars and forums on the first two days and a trade show on the last two days. The goal of the event is to demonstrate the power of Linux and open source software to IT and business owners across the US, specifically the heartland of America. Recent IPOs by Red Hat, VA Linux, Cobalt, and have taken the stock market by storm, and LinuxFest2000 will be the first opportunity for the Midwest to see what the excitement is all about. JBSi (Jones Business Systems, Incorporated) will be exhibiting at the event to talk to prospective customers about their Terian line of built-to-order computing solutions. The event will feature booths covering simple to complex computer topics and will include most of the established major Linux companies as well as many startup cutting edge companies.