ActiveState and Sendmail Announce Partnership to Improve Mail Script Development

System administrators can now benefit from shared access to two fundamental open source solutions: Sendmail and Perl. ActiveState, a leading supplier of products and services supporting Open Source software, has announced a new technology partnership with Sendmail Inc., the provider of the ubiquitous Sendmail Internet Mail platform for e-communications, applications, and services. This integration allows system administrators to integrate their mail processing scripts seamlessly into the Sendmail delivery stream using ActiveState tools that optimize the use of Perl. The addition of ActiveState's Perl plug-in to the Sendmail Internet Mail Platform API reflects Sendmail's commitment to Open Source solutions.

ActiveState products are cross platform and include support for Windows, Linux, and Solaris. This initiative will be especially beneficial in helping to improve the process of building mail scripts that enhance the functionality of Internet Mail. Typical mail script applications include message content scanning, selective archiving, and dynamic content-determined routing. As business communications over the Internet continue to escalate, defining and quickly implementing these kinds of applications becomes a mission critical task. Sendmail and Perl are universally recognized as two of the basic building blocks that deliver the functionality of the Internet today. The integration of ActiveState's powerful Perl developer tools with the Sendmail Internet Mail platform opens up exciting new possibilities for improving the productivity and creativity of programmers as they build mail processing scripts.