VistaSource Launches New Line of Linux Office Products

VistaSource, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Applix, Inc., has announced the official release of its three cornerstone products - Applixware Office for Linux v5.0, Words for Linux and Spreadsheets for Linux. The software solutions are specifically designed as a native application for Linux computers and offer a more advanced approach than competing solutions. Applixware Office for Linux v5.0 includes a Microsoft Office look and feel, minimizing retraining and switching costs for those moving from Windows to the Linux environment. The product line is available through traditional software retailers such as CompUSA, Fry's, Best Buy and Micro Center, as well as online through,,,,, and The advancements in the Applixware v5.0 product line make VistaSource the only company focused exclusively on providing a powerful commercial suite of integrated, native office tools using the best of breed Open Source user interface technologies.