Quadratec and MandrakeSoft Announce Partnership for Enterprise-Class Automated Backup Solutions for Linux

Quadratec and MandrakeSoft have announced a partnership to deliver automated backup solutions for Linux. As part of this partnership, Quadratec developed a Time Navigator version for Linux-Mandrake, bringing additional data security solutions to companies using Linux for their mission-critical applications. Time Navigator from Quadratec provides a fully integrated software suite performing efficient automated data backup and comprehensive restoration in open systems environments based on Linux, Unix and NT servers. Under the terms of this agreement, Quadratec will support the Linux-Mandrake operating system as a preferred server and client development platform; Time Navigator will be referenced by MandrakeSoft as a recommended solution for Enterprise backup software and will be included in the Commercial Applications CD of Linux-Mandrake 7.1 (in evaluation version) that will be launched in June. This partnership is in line with MandrakeSoft's policy for developing technological and strategical partnerships based on their Linux products. The partnership allows MandrakeSoft to reinforce its product development and competitive positionning in the professional market. Quadratec's customers are asking for professional backup solutions for their increasing amount of critical data based on Linux. This partnership is a testament to the success of both companies, with MandrakeSoft receiving awards for