Red Hat Ships Metro Link Motif 2.1 as Part of Linux Enterprise Edition

Red Hat is shipping Metro Link Motif 2.1 as part of their Linux Enterprise Edition, a collaborative effort with industry-leading application providers designed to deliver optimized solutions for corporations migrating to Linux. The Motif GUI has been widely used on many platforms for many years and is essential for developers to make a smooth transition to Linux. Metro Link Motif is known for its stability and reliability and has been certified by one of the most popular database vendors as the most stable supported graphical interface available. It was the first commercial product sold for Linux and continues to be an industry standard. Metro Link, Inc. is a high-technology software development company founded in 1989 that specializes in graphical display technology solutions for Linux, UNIX, embedded Linux and embedded systems. They have been at the core of Linux and other Open Source software development and support since they were the first company to ship commercial software for Linux.