SuSE Linux Brings Linux to IBM's S/390 Mainframes

SuSE Linux has announced the porting of its OS on the IBM S/390 hardware platform. This makes SuSE Linux the first worldwide, truly cross-platform Linux distribution on the S/390. With this move, SuSE Linux enhances Linux as a relevant server operating system in the business space and takes a decisive step towards unifying platform interoperability and system administration tasks in the heterogeneous network.

The release of the production version is scheduled for autumn. SuSE Linux runs on PowerPCs and Alpha processors in addition to Intel, making it a cost-effective and reliable alternative to top-tier operating systems like Unix. IBM welcomes and advocates SuSE's commitment to provide overall Linux support for S/390. SuSE offers consulting and support services, commercial Linux software, and complete Linux systems. The company contributes significantly to Linux development projects such as the Linux kernel, glibc, XFree86[tm], KDE, ISDN4Linux, ALSA (AdvancedLinux Sound Architecture), and USB (Universal Serial Bus).