Aegis Data Systems Announces Evening and Saturday Linux Training Classes in Downtown Dallas

Mark Stingley, President of Aegis Data Systems, Inc., announced that the Linux training division will begin holding evening and Saturday classes at its Downtown Dallas training center. The night classes will begin on June 1st, while Saturday classes will start on June 6th. Tuition for each phase is $100.00, with costs of $100.00 per night class and $200.00 per Saturday class. The self-paced, instructor-assisted training program is designed for working professionals who can't afford to be away from work for the full day curriculum.

Students pay tuition and enroll for the phase they wish to complete, which are either Beginning Linux User, System Administrator 1, or System Administrator 2. Each successive class consists of a review of the previous homework assignment and the student's progress. The instructor will then assist the student in any problem areas and provide study guidance. Lastly, the student receives the study and practice assignments for the next class.

Prior to the next class, the student can receive help via email. Students who satisfactorily complete the Linux user course receive a LearnLinux certificate of completion. Students who satisfactorily complete the System Administration 1 or 2 curriculums will receive the same LearnLinux certification that is awarded full-time, day students. For more information, call 214.752.6433, or visit the LearnLinux website at