NetManage Announces Support for Linux Platform

NetManage, a leading supplier of eBusiness access and application integration solutions, has announced the support of the Linux operating system for its major product lines including Web Integration and Host Access. NetManage server and client web-to-host products, development tools and the company's powerful OnWeb┬┤ host integration technology will run on the Linux platform.

This comprehensive range of solutions reinforces NetManage's bridge to ebusiness strategy by allowing companies using Linux to leverage the investment they have in existing host systems, and create new eBusiness applications. NetManage is demonstrating its commitment to the Linux platform by making available, free of charge on a limited trial basis, a comprehensive Linux-based Java web-to-host solution for accessing IP hosts. Designed for Red Hat, Caldera and Corel distributions of the Linux operating system, NetManage's RUMBA┬┤ Browser Edition for Linux can be downloaded from the NetManage web site. ( The major benefits of Rumba Browser Edition for Linux come from the comprehensive management server that ships with the product. A 100% Java implementation for Linux, the management server offers host access user authentication, access to NIS and LDAP compatible directories for user management and policy setting, customized access for individual users or groups with access permission or denial, and a full suite of reporting options for system management. The server also provides security features and acts as a proxy and gateway with network address translation and port mapping. The VT/Wyse clients support 128-bit SSL secure connections via the server. NetManage will introduce later this year a new range of multi-platform web-to-host capabilities, including IBM mainframe and midrange connectivity, which will include support for the Linux platform complemented by NetManage ONESTEP consultancy and services.