KDE Launches Official Website for Konqueror

The KDE Team is pleased to announce the launch of Konqueror.org, a website devoted to Konqueror, KDE's next-generation, full-featured, powerful, flexible, modular and Internet-transparent file manager, web browser and universal document viewer. Konqueror has a component-based architecture which combines the features and functionality of Internet Explorer®/Netscape Communicator® and Windows Explorer®. It supports all major Internet technologies, including JavaScriptTM, Java®, HTML 4.0, CSS-2 (Cascading Style Sheets), SSL (Secure Socket Layer for secure communications) and, in the near future, Netscape® plugins (for viewing FlashTM, RealAudioTM, RealVideoTM and similar technologies). Konqueror's network transparency offers seamless support for browsing Linux® NFS shares, Windows® SMB shares and FTP directories. Konqueror will ship as part of the highly anticipated release of KDE 2.0, targeted for mid-summer 2000. The website offers rich content including tutorials, FAQs, plug-in and component directory and developer's news and tutorials. Developers can learn how they can use Konqueror to web-enable their applications, how they can enable their applications to serve as a Konqueror component and how they can contribute to Konqueror's ongoing development.