Enlighten Software Announces Support for Top Linux Distributions

Enlighten Software announced today that it supports five of the top Linux distributions (Red Hat, SuSE, Mandrake-Linux, Caldera and TurboLinux), based on the latest retail sales data from PC Data. The EnlightenDSM product provides real value for system administrators in managing their IT infrastructure by offering system management capabilities to over 85 percent of the Linux installed-base, according to PC Data. Enlighten also offers a free cross-platform, user management software, EnlightenDSM/Free, for Linux, Unix and Windows at the website ( www.EnlightenDSM.com ). This free downloadable software will add sophisticated systems management capability to Linux distributions by allowing administrators in a mixed networked environment to simultaneously manage other systems on the network from a single graphical console. EnlightenDSM/Free will manage the account creation, configuration, and password management of network user accounts and group membership. Additionally, customers can chose to upgrade to the full EnlightenDSM product for comprehensive event monitoring and administrative management of Linux, Unix, and Windows NT/98/95.