SOT Releases Best Linux 2000 R2-Moscow with Star Office Integration

SOT, publisher of the #1 Linux in Finland, has today released their Best Linux operating system to Russian-speaking users for the first time. The new version includes the brand new XFree 4.0, kernel version 2.2.14 and integrated office solution Star Office(tm) by Sun Microsystems. The first Russian version is called Best Linux 2000 R2-Moscow.

SOT will begin shipping it within 1 month. All customers who have already bought Best Linux 2000 are entitled to a free update CD after registering their purchase. Additional information is available at the Best Linux portal service, The Best Linux 2000 boxed set includes some new features never seen before in Linux--like lifetime installation support. The boxed set also contains a 400 page manual, an installation CD, a source code CD, a Linux games CD and a software library CD providing an easy way for consumers and business desktop users alike to start using a complete Linux system.