AMIRIX Systems Inc. Launches Embedded Linux Strategic Alliance (ELSA) Program

AMIRIX Systems Inc. has launched its Embedded Linux Strategic Alliance (ELSA) program to bring the benefits of Linux to the embedded systems market. The ELSA program provides a low cost entry vehicle into the Linux-based embedded systems market and offers device drivers, turnkey Linux technology solutions, custom hardware and software solutions, and a full range of custom hardware and software solutions to meet clients' specific requirements. AMIRIX also launched a promotional campaign entitled "LINUX ON BOARD" at the recent Linux World Expo in Montreal, which emphasizes that the operating system is totally integrated with the vendor's board as opposed to generic software where the end user is left with the difficult task of integrating the operating system with the hardware. AMIRIX staff have been instrumental in establishing the Embedded Debian Project, an independent, non-commercial project focused on driving Debian GNU/Linux deeper into the embedded space. AMIRIX will exhibit at the Embedded Linux World Expo in San Jose, CA, and Toronto, ON.