LinuxFest2000: Showcasing the Power of Linux and Open Source Software

LinuxFest 2000 is a four-day event scheduled for June 20 through 23, 2000 in Kansas City, Missouri.

The event will feature seminars and forums on the first two days and a trade show on the last two days. 1Mage, a document management solution provider, has announced that their system is now available on Linux. The company's vice president of marketing, Mary Anne DeYoung, emphasized that they want to become the #1 provider of solutions that make information management transparent and easily accessible in the Linux environment. 1MAGE is feature-rich and cost effective, with global access to documents via the internet. It was originally written in UNIX and was a natural migration for the company to move to Linux, the operating system behind the internet. The software utilizes Informix databases.

1MAGE's customer list includes well-known companies such as Reynolds & Reynolds, Keane Inc, Honeywell, IP Petroleum, University of Southern California, Barrett Resources, and many more. Other well-known companies like IBM, Compaq, Informix, and Oracle have committed to Linux, but most people are exposed to Linux on a daily basis because it powers much of the World Wide Web. The goal of LinuxFest 2000 is to demonstrate the power of Linux and open source software to IT and business owners across the US and specifically in the heartland of America. Recent spectacular IPOs by Red Hat, VA Linux, Cobalt, and have taken the stock market by storm, and LinuxFest2000 will be the first opportunity for the Midwest to see what the excitement is all about. Over 60,000 square feet of space will be dedicated to booths and conference, with seminars covering simple to complex computer topics. Most of the established major Linux companies will be represented, plus many startup cutting edge companies will also be in attendance.