MontaVista Appoints Gregory Haerr as Chief Strategist, GUI Technologies and Integrates Microwindows into Hard Hat Linux Cross Development Kit

MontaVista Software has appointed Gregory Haerr as Chief Strategist, GUI Technologies.

Haerr is a specialist in operating systems and graphical systems implementations, with particular focus on connecting PCs to UNIX and IBM mainframes with legacy graphical interfaces. He brings tremendous expertise in development and deployment of scalable GUIs and graphical APIs for mobile and pervasive applications. MontaVista has also announced that it will integrate the Microwindows GUI, which features both X.11 APIs (Nano-X) and a full-featured Win32/WindowsCE subset API to control the underlying Nano-GUI engine, into its Hard Hat Linux Cross Development Kit (CDK) version 2.0. The Microwindows GUI is available for embedded PowerPC, x86/Pentium, StrongARM, and NEC MIPS processor architectures, with drivers for a range of graphics hardware devices. MontaVista's Hard Hat Linux (CDK) with Microwindows is currently featured at the Applied Computing Conference.