Linux Becoming Viable Business Option in Corporate Desktops

The European Linux Conference in London, hosted by SuSE Linux in association with IBM, highlighted how Linux is becoming a viable business option for corporate desktops and strengthening its position as a major software power behind the world's corporate server market. Leading industry figures discussed the impact of open source operating system, including Alan Cox of Red Hat who emphasized on the bespoke solutions offered by open source software, Dirk Hohndel of SuSE Linux who highlighted the robust, secure and versatile features of Linux, Larry Augustin of VA Linux who reaffirmed the exponential market growth rates of Linux, Adam Wood of Deutsche Bank who confirmed that investors feel comfortable with the Linux model, Adam Jollans of IBM Software on Linux who commented on the success of the SuSE Linux Conference, Rudiger Berlich of SuSE Linux UK who stated the increasing recognition of Linux as a viable operating system for business environment.