USENIX Celebrates 25 Years of Service to the Unix and Open Systems Community

The USENIX 2000 Annual Technical Conference is being held in San Diego, California from June 18th to 23rd. The conference promises to be an outstanding event with a comprehensive lineup of tutorial programs, technical sessions and special guest speakers including Bill Joy of Sun Microsystems, Thomas Dolby Robertson, Founder of Beatnik, Inc. and Linus Torvalds, Developer of Linux.

Conference attendees will be invited to special celebrations as USENIX marks 25 years of innovation and service to the technical community. The conference kicks off Sunday, June 18th with the Tutorial Program presented by instructors who are experts in their fields sharing their knowledge of the latest technologies and required skill-sets to keep IT professionals and their companies at the forefront of success. Over a three-day period, 28 tutorials will cover topics such as systems administration, Linux, UNIX, Perl, SGI, Samba, Solaris, Sendmail and networking. In addition there will be a range of tutorials on security issues such as Intrusion Detection, Network Forensics, and Computer Attacks: Trends and Countermeasures. Among the instructors are Eric Allman of Sendmail, Inc., Tom Christiansen, Perl guru, Marcus Ranum of Network Flight Recorder, Inc., Bryan Andregg of Red Hat, Inc., and Evi Nemeth of the University of Colorado, to name a few. Commencing Wednesday, June 21st are the Technical Sessions which feature cutting-edge, technically excellent research. Included are over two dozen Refereed Papers and Invited Talks such as new work from Bill Cheswick of Lucent Technologies-Bell Labs on Mapping and Visualizing the Internet and Rob Pike also of Lucent Technologies-Bell Labs presenting an Introduction to Quantum Computation and Communication. Two other high profile presentations are The GNOME Project by Miguel de Icaza and The Lessons Learned About Open Source by Jim Gettys of Compaq. Rounding out the program are presentations on the latest research results on operating systems, tools and techniques for dealing with the system infrastructure headaches, and a discussion on the Microsoft Antitrust Case by expert witness Edward Felten of Princeton University. The ever-popular FREENIX track is back and better than ever. This series of topics is devoted to high-level technical discussion of open source and freely redistributable software such as BSD, Linux and X11-based graphical user interfaces. Those interested in Open Source software will appreciate the technical quality and relevance of the Freenix track. Keynote speaker Bill Joy, Co-Founder and Chief Scientist of Sun Microsystems, will open the Technical Sessions presenting his vision of the future of computing. Thomas Dolby Robertson, Founder of Beatnik, Inc. and best known for his 80^'s pop hit