IBM Preloads Merlin Software on ThinkPad A Series and T Series Notebooks

Merlin Software Technologies International Inc., a leading developer of Linux-based software applications and utilities, announced that IBM has pre-loaded PerfectBACKUP+ 6.2 on select models of the recently announced IBM ThinkPad A series and ThinkPad T series notebooks. This marks the first time Linux has been pre-loaded on an IBM ThinkPad.

The pre-load will help software developers and IT professionals reduce the time needed to setup and tune the systems. Merlin's PerfectBACKUP+, already bundled with the Caldera eDesktop 2.4 operating system, will be pre-installed onto the IBM ThinkPad. This announcement is a big win for the mobile Linux user, Merlin, IBM, and Caldera. Linux has achieved significance in the server marketplace, outselling Microsoft Windows NT, and currently represents approximately 30% of all Internet servers.

This and other recent announcements by IBM provide a tremendous boost, pitting Linux head to head with the dominant Microsoft Windows operating system and the Apple Mac. PerfectBACKUP+ 6.2 is the most economical, powerful, network backup and crash recovery tool available. It provides backup scheduling and remote backup, recovery, data encryption, a robotics module, enhanced security and many other features with both a graphical and character interface. Merlin Software Technologies Inc. (Merlin Softech), is a software publishing company that provides Linux, Unix, Windows and Mac users with unique Linux and Unix-based software that dramatically improves a system's reliability and speed. The company has offices in Altamonte Springs, Florida, Phoenix, Arizona and Burnaby, British Columbia.