Vovida CEO to Speak at LinuxFest2000 about Open Source Telephony

Alan S. Knitowski, CEO of Vovida Networks, will speak at LinuxFest2000 in Kansas City about Open Source Telephony, Linux OS and Telephony Applications, Open Source Protocols - SIP, MGCP, RTP, H.323, Linux and Packet Switched Telephony/VoIP. Vovida Networks is a pioneer of open source telephony and aims to bring Linux and open source into the mainstream core of next-generation communications networks. The company plans to deliver toll quality, carrier-grade solutions for voice-over-IP in cable, DSL, and wireless environments and enable the open source community with a development platform conducive to leveraging their creativity and skill in providing innovative features, services, and applications for voice, video, and data on IP. The event will be attended by major international companies like Red Hat, Atipa Linux Solutions and Informix plus many other new cutting edge companies.