Linbox Systems Secures $2.25M in Funding for Linux Network Computing Solutions

Linbox Systems, a European leader in Linux Network Computing, has received 2.5 million Euros (US$2.25M) in funding from Europ@Web and Financière de Brienne to develop its range of professional services for schools, small organizations, and corporate networks. Linbox's technology allows users and systems integrators to bring the power of Linux to the desktop at minimal costs while preserving user investments in Windows or MacOS software. The company's Linbox Network Architecture (LNA) is an open approach to Linux Network Computing based on diskless standard computers on the desktop side (such as the Linbox Net Station), and full-featured servers (such as the Linbox Net Server). Linbox systems bridge the gap between legacy technologies and reliable operating systems such as Linux. The investment enables Linbox to bring to market the next stage of its business plan and provide industry-strength quality assurance and develop wide-ranging partnerships.