PolyServe and SuSE Linux Offer Affordable Clustering Technology for High-Availability and Load Balancing

PolyServe and SuSE Linux have announced the availability of Understudy 1.3 server clustering software for high-availability and load balancing on SuSE Linux. The exponential growth of the Internet has led to a need for companies to scale rapidly, and high availability clustering solutions are important for connecting two or more computers together. Clustering is a popular strategy for implementing parallel processing applications, as it enables companies to leverage the investment already made in PCs and workstations. Understudy 1.3 consists of the daemon "ClusterPulseTM", which is installed on each server in the cluster performing IP service monitoring failure detection and failover to an alternate host, and "ClusterScopeTM", a JAVA-based application which enables the system administrator to configure and manage the cluster from any console. The software is available for $499 per server pair, making it accessible to businesses of all sizes. SuSE Linux has established itself as the leading Linux platform for High Availability by including Understudy 1.3 in its tool kit.